Bai Guo (aka Yin Xing Guo) - Relieve Cough and Wheeze
LU, KD (1.5-9g)


Bai Guo - The messy White Goats...

The farmer needed a surgical mask just to enter the barn after the white goats spread their urine and vaginal discharge everywhere - he eventually had the whole barn CRUSHED!

When the farmer smelled the barn he couldn't take it for too long! (cc: do not use large quantities for too long time due to toxicity)

English Name: ginko nut, ginko seed
Pharmaceutical Name: Semen Ginkgo
Properties: slightly toxic, sweet, bitter, astringent, neutral

Explanation of Key Words in this story...
surgical mask stabilizes LU qi; stops cough and wheeze
urine and vaginal discharge stabilizes urine; stops vaginal discharge
CRUSHED crush before decocting

      Bai Guo Actions and Indications
  • Stabilizes LU qi; stops cough and wheezing (cough, wheezing, with phlegm due to LU heat, or unproductive cough with LU dryness or due to LU/KD deficiency)
  • Stops vaginal discharge, stabilizes urine (vaginal discharge and for cloudy urine; urinary frequency or incontinence; spermatorrhea)
  • (cc: do not use large quantities or for long term use due to toxicity)
  • (cooking: CRUSH before decocting)
    Alternate Forms:
  • yin xing ye / yin guo ye / bai guo ye (Folium Ginkgo Biloba) - bitter, astringent, neutral; LU; stabilizes LU, calms wheezing, stops pain, invigorates blood; used for cholesterol, hypertension, angina, vascular diseases, 5-10g
    Special Notes:
  • Often used with jie geng and ma huang to open LU qi to dispel lingering factors
  • Often combined with ma huang to stop wheeze.

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