Jiang Can - Extinguish LV Wind
LV, LU (3-9g)

Jiang Can - Young Chan and the stiff silkworm
When a wind twister brought an attack of stiff silk worms Young Chan went into spasms and convulsions from the painful wind attack. Finally he jumped in the swamp to prevent the silk worms from causing more nodules to his skin.

English Name: sick silkworm, silkworm with batrytis
Pharmacuetical Name: Bombyx Batryticatus
Properties: salty, acrid, neutral

   Explanation of Key Words in this story...
wind... spasms and convulsions extinguishes wind; stops spasms and convulsions
painful wind expels wind; stops pain
swamp... nodules transforms phlegm; dissipates nodules


      Jiang Can Actions and Indications
  • Extinguishes wind; stops spasms and convulsions (LV wind with phlegm accumulation, childhood convulsions, facial paralysis, seizures, wind-stroke aphasia)
  • Expels wind; stops pain (headache due to LYR, red eyes, red, swollen, painful throat, loss of voice due to external wind; itching wind rash)
  • Transforms phlegm; dissipates nodules (phlegm-heat scrofula, phlegm damp nodules; also for mumps, carbuncles, breast cysts)

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