Zi He Che - Tonify Yang
LV, LU, KD (1.5-3g)


Zi He Che - The Heche in Mexico sticker...
Its great that the Made in Mexico sticker is so common!! Mexico is a great place to lounge around and nourish their essence on the sunny side of the hill. Some Mexicans take a siesta after every meal to augment the qi and nourish the blood. They say its a great way to live. So much resting gives them a long life by helping to grasping their KD qi, and keeps them from stopping their breathing (LU) and dying (KD).

Its good that they are rest so easily since sleepless nights can cause (cc: yin deficient heat)

English Name: placenta, dried human placenta
Pharmacuetical Name: Placenta Hominis
Properties: sweet, salty, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
nourishing their essence on the sunny side of the hill tonifies KD yang; nourishes essence
augment the qi and nourish the blood augments qi; nourishes blood
grasping KD qi... stop breathing (LU) and die (KD) help Kidney to grasp qi... tonifies LU and KD


       Zi He Che Actions and Indications
  • Tonifies KD yang; augments essence (infertility, spermatorrhea, impotence, lightheadedness, low back pain, tinnitus)
  • Augments qi; nourishes blood (pallor, emaciation, shortness of breath or insufficient lactation after childbirth; unremitting seizure)
  • Tonifies LU and KD; helps KD grasp qi (emaciation and debility as well as chronic cases of wheezing and cough; especially useful between acute asthmatic attacks or consumption with night sweats)
    Special Notes:
  • Human placenta is generally not used for many reasons, but is instead replaced with pigs and cattle.

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