Zhen Zhu Mu - Subdue LV Yang
HT, LV (15-30g)

Zhen Zu Mu - The "Zen Zoo Mu" (for evil Cows that go to hell!)
God sends bad angry cows to hell to calm their liver and anchor their floating Yang. There in hell the pain they experience helps to absorb acidity and make them better cows. Suffering in hell brighten their vision of what's right and wrong, and clears their liver in preparation for their next life. After they become good HEARTS and SPIRITS they can return to earth and relive life as good little happy cows!

I guess you could say that God lets those angry cows COOK FIRST once their physical bodies are CRUSHED. Most of those angry cows were heavy drinkers in their past life, which caused some (cc: SP/ST deficient cold)

English Name: mother of pearl, nacre
Pharmacuetical Name: Concha Margaritaferae
Properties: salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
calm their liver... anchor their floating Yang calms LV; anchors yang
pain... absorb acidity neutralizes acid; alleviates pain
brightens their vision... clears their liver brightens vision; clears liver
HEARTS and SPIRITS anchor heart; calm spirit
COOK FIRST... CRUSHED (cooking: crush and cook 20-30 minutes first)


       Zhen Zhu Mu Actions and Indications
  • Calms LV; Anchors floating Yang (LV fire and LYR induced dizziness, headaches, irritability, manic-depressive disorders, tinnitus, seizures, stronger than Zhen Zhu to subdue Yang)
  • Clear LV; brightens vision (photophobia, superficial obstructions, LV deficiency with blurred vision; LV heat with red eyes)
  • Anchor heart; calm spirit (insomnia, palpitations,childhood convulsions; seizures; easily frightened or angered)
  • Neutralizes Acid; Relieves Pain (Stomach pain with sour taste in mouth; acid reflux: modern use for GI ulcers)
  • (cc: SP/ST deficient cold)
  • (cook: crush and cook 20-30 minutes first)
    Alternate Forms:
  • Sheng: most functions
  • Duan: absorbing acidity
  • Zhen Zhu / Zhen Zu (Margarita Pteria martensii) - Pearl. sweet, salty, cold; HT and LV: stronger to clear shen, sedates HT, settles tremors and palpitations, clears LV and eliminates superficial obstruction - used for eye exhaustion due to over strain; treats skin exhaustion; promotes healing and generates flesh topically (0.3-0.9g)
    Special Notes:
  • For dizziness, blurred vision, and night blindness combine zhen zhu mu with Cang Zhu.

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