Zhe Chong (aka Di Bie Chong) - Invigorate Blood and Treat Traumatic Injuries
LV (3-9g)


Zhe Chong (Zhe Chong almost replaced traffic lights... but it didn't work)

Zhe Chong was an innovative device that almost replaced traffic lights but for some reason it caused traffic jams that led to broken bones and sinews.

The pregnant women who were injured in those accidents were especially opposed to Zhe Chong (cc: pregnancy)

English Name: eupolyphaga
Pharmacuetical Name: Eupolyphaga
Properties: slightly toxic, salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
traffic jams breaks up and drives out blood stasis
broken bones and sinews connects sinews; joins bones


      Zhe Chong Actions and Indications
  • Connects sinews; Joins bones (contusions, lacerations, torn tendons and ligaments, fractures, acute lumbar strain: internal or external use)
  • Breaks up and drives out blood stasis (fibroids, palpable abdominal masses, tumors; amenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain, ectopic pregnancy)
  • (cc: pregnancy contraindicated)
    Special Notes:
  • According to one source Zhe Chong can be used to treat one sided tongue stiffness and swelling due to toxic heat from scarlet fever and erysipelas. Combine 6g Zhe Chong with 3g salt, gargle before swallowing.

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