Yuan Hua - Downward Draining: Harsh Expellants
KD, LI, LU (1.5-3g)


Yuan Hua - Primary Flower

The primary flower is a parasitic flower that grows in the gutter and is used to make nasal spray.

Granny cow (cc: incompatible with gan cao) knows that it makes for a weak (cc: weak patients) pregnancy (cc: pregnancy)

English Name: genkwa flower, lilac daphne flower bud
Pharmacuetical Name: Flos Genkwa
Properties: toxic, acrid, bitter, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
parasitic parasites
gutters... nasal spray drains water downwards; drives out congested fluids


       Yuan Hua Actions and Indications
  • Drains water downwards; drive out congested fluid (ascites, bloating, abdominal distension, fluid in chest or abdomen; pleurisy; dispels phlegm; stops cough)
  • Kills parasites (scalp lesions; tinea, mastities, eczema, topically for ringworm; carbuncles)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: weak patients)
  • (note: incompatible with gan cao)
  • (note: gan sui, da ji, and yuan hua are often presribed together and are listed here in their order of relative strength from strongest to weakest)
    Special Notes:
  • Similar to Gan Sui, Yuan Hua has similar actions to purge stagnation and eliminate water accumulation.
  • Combine with bing lang for intestinal parasites.

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