Yu Jin - Invigorate Blood and Relieve Pain
(HT, LV, GB) - 6-12g


Yu Jin
- "Eugene!" - Ernest and the Tumeric Tuber
Whenever Ernest got a painful stubbed toe he would run in circles to promote qi movement. When his wife left it broke his heart and he got hot blooded and started yelling at himself in the mirror to release liver constraint. When he later came down with jaundice they fed him Tumeric Tubers to benefit his gallbladder.

Eugene's pregnant (cc: pregnancy) wife Ding Xiang was anatagonistic (antagonistic w/ Ding Xiang) and gave Ernest (cc: yin deficiency due to blood stasis)

English Name: curcuma, aromatic turmeric tuber
Pharmacuetical Name: Radix Curmcumae
Properties: acrid, bitter, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
painful... run in circles... promote qi movement invigorates blood; moves qi; alleviates pain
heart... hot blooded... release liver constraint cools blood; clears heart; relieves LV constraint
jaundice... gallbladder benefits gallbladder; relieves jaundice


       Yu Jin Actions and Indications
  • Invigorates blood, moves qi, alleviates pain (pain due to qi stagnation and blood stasis in chest, pain due to traumatic injury; hypochondriac regions, abdomen; dysmenorrhea)
  • Clears Heart; cools blood; relieves Liver constraint (anxiety, agitation, depression, phlegm-heat obstructing Heart orifices; seizures, mental derangement; also used for hematemesis, epistaxis due to heat in the blood, epilepsy, mania, disturbed shen)
  • Benefits Gallbaldder; relieves jaundice (gallstones, jaundice)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: yin deficiency due to blood stasis)
    Special Notes:
  • Yu Jin has been shown to be 75% effective to treat pre-ventricular contractions (PVC).
  • Yu Jin Antagonizes ding xiang

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