Ying Su Ke - Stabilize and Bind
LU, LI, KD (1.5-6g)
Ying Su Ke - Ying Suke took opium and relieved instability in the lower burner for a living....
Ying Suke was a lady of the night who frequently took opium husks and had instability in the lower burner. When she developed pain that led to gut surgery the doctors wore a surgical mask.

Eventually Ying became a pregnant (cc: pregnancy) lactating mother (cc: lactacting mothers) and had to quit taking opium since it was causing her baby to have (cc: acute cough or dysentary) and since it is (cc: not for long term use since it can be addictive).
English Name: opium shells, opium husks
Pharmacuetical Name: Pericarpium Papaveris
Properties: sour, astringent, neutral

   Explanation of Key Words in this story...
instability in the lower burner stabilizes lower burner
pain alleviates pain
gut surgery binds up large intestine; stops diarrhea
surgical mask contains leakage of Lu qi;

       Ying Su Ke Actions and Indications
  • Contains leakage of LU qi; stops cough (chronic cough due to LU deficiency)
  • Binds up large intestine; stops diarrhea (chronic diarrhea with pain or dysenteric disorders)
  • Relieves Pain (any kind of pain of sinews and bones, epigastric pain, abdominal pain)
  • Stabilizes lower burner (vaginal discharge; spermatorrhea)
  • (cc: pregnancy contraindication)
  • (cc: acute dysenteric disorders or acute cough)
  • (cc: caution with lactating mothers, infants, or hypothyroidism)
  • (cc: not for long term usage, may be addictive)
    Alternate Forms:
  • sheng or cu zhi - diarrhea and pain
  • mi zhi - for cough
    Special Notes:
  • Yan Hu Suo may be used as a substitute since Ying Su Ke may not be available in many countries.

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