Yin Yang Huo - Tonify Yang
KD, LV (6-15g)


Yin Yang Huo is Horny Goat Weed
Horny Goat Weed tonifies the KD and fortifies the Yang so you can do it more - its especially great for men in the sack! Once there was a group of male acrobats who took it during a cold rainy wind storm and sang in b flat to help make their tendons and bones really strong.

They now have many sleepless nights (cc: yin deficient heat) remembering the good old days.
English Name: epimedium, short-horned epimedium
Pharmacuetical Name: Herba Epimedii
Properties: acrid, sweet, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
Tonifies the KD... fortifies the Yang tonifies KD; fortifies YANG
cold rainy wind storm... tendons and bones really strong strengthen tendons and bones... expels wind-damp cold


      Yin Yang Huo Actions and Indications
  • Tonifies the KD and fortifies the Yang (impotence, incomplete erection, infertility, low sex drive, spermatorrhea, frequent urination, forgetfulness, withdrawal; pain and cold in low back and knees; modern use for menopause hypertension due to Kidney yin and yang deficiency)
  • Strengthens bones and tendons; Expels wind-damp cold (W-C-D bi with generalized pain; unblocks channels, weakness and pain in bones and sinews, low back and/or knee pain; also for cold diarrhea due to SP and KD yang deficiency)
    Special Notes:
  • Although it is not recommended for long term use because it may damage yin, Yin Yang Huo is a great tonic for sexual disorders affecting both the yin and yang.

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