Su Mu - Invigorate Blood and Treat Traumatic Injuries
HT, LV (3-9g)

Su Mu (Su Mo wrestling...)

Su Mo wrestlers dance in bloody circles before causing traffic jams which can results in pain and swelling

Its best to avoid Su Mu wrestling when pregnant (cc: pregnancy)

English Name: sappan wood
Pharmaceutical Name: Lignum Sappan
Properties: sweet, salty, slightly acrid, neutral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
Dance in bloody circles... traffic jam... painful... swelling invigorates blood; relieves stasis; alleviates pain; reduces swelling
      Su Mu Actions and Indications
  • Invigorates Blood; relieves stasis; reduces swelling; alleviates pain (enters blood level to help with traumatic injuries, fractures, contusions, sprains; also for post-partum abdominal pain, dysmennorhea, amenorrhea: internal or external use)
  • (cc: pregnancy contraindicated)
    Special Notes:
  • Pharmacologically Su Mu is an anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, CNS suppressant, antineoplastic, and antibiotic.

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