Shi Wei- Damp: Promote Urination and Relieve PUD
UB, LU (6-15g)


Shi Wei - The Excess Way (Smoking, Drinking, Fighting)

Excess smoking causes phlegm and coughing while Fighting causes hot blooded bleeding. Its time we all stopped the excess way and switched to De-Caf. coffee.

English Name: pyrrosia, shearer's pyrrosia leaf, Jap. felt fern
Pharmacuetical Name: Folium Pyrrosiae
Properties: bitter, sweet, cool

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
phlegm and coughing expels phlegm; stops cough
bleeding... hot blooded stops bleeding; cools blood
De-Caf. coffee promotes urination; clear damp heat from the bladder


       Shi Wei Actions and Indications
  • Promotes Urination, clear Damp Heat from bladder (promotes diuresis, edema, heat / stony / bloody lin, Damp heat PUD, especially for bloody lin)
  • Expels phlegm; Stops cough (cough w/ profuse sticky yellow phlegm)
  • Cools blood; Stops bleeding (uterine bleeding; hematemesis, epistaxis, bleeding from trauma)
    Special Notes:
  • Effective to treat cancer patients who have low white blood cell counts after receiving chemo or radiation.
  • 5-10g dosage is normal, up to 30g for excess cases.

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