Sang Ye - Release Exterior: Wind Cold
(LU,LV) - (4.5-15g)


The Smoking / Boxing silk worm

A little wind heat doesn't bother Jo: the tobacco smoking silkworm who was so tough he ignored his dry cough in the ring. Whenever he stepped into the ring his LYR rising prompted him to punch those bright eyed youngin's hot blooded enough to bleed in the ring. 

When the silk worm fell in love with another type of worm from a Chrysanthemum Flower they decided to get married (note: often paired with Ju Hua).
English Name: Mulberry Leaf
Pharmacuetical Name: Folium Mori
Properties: bitter, sweet, cold
Explanation of Key Words in this story...
wind heat dispels summer heat
tobacco smoker... dry cough clears heat from LU; moistens dryness
LYR rising... bright eyed subdues LV yang; clears LV and brightens eyes
hot blooded... bleed cools blood; stops bleeding

      Sang Ye Actions and Indications
  • Dispels Wind Heat (W/H with fever and cough, headache, sore throat)
  • Clears Heat from LU; Moistens Dryness (LU and throat dryness with cough, coughing blood)
  • Subdues LV Yang, Clears LV and brightens eyes (headache; dizziness; blurry vision d/t LYR or Liver Fire)
  • Cools blood, stop bleeding (for mild cases of hematemesis or epistaxis due to blood heat)
  • (note: can use as an external wash for eye problems)
    Special Notes:
  • Often paired with Ju Hua to treat wind heat with cough.
  • One text Sang Ye stimulates hair growth.

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