Ming Fan - Substances for External Application
LI, LV, LU, SP, ST (10-30g)


Ming Fan - The mean Fan
The mean fan, Robert DeNiro, was relentless. When Snipes lost his spot to another player DeNiro got an itch to kill the replacement player, who he saw as a toxic parasite, while he was sitting in the damp steam room with nothing but a towel on. After DeNiro watched the guy bleed for a while he alleviated his diarrhea before leaving the crime scene. As he left the he spat a hot phlegm ball - no respect.

DeNiro obviously didn't have a weak stomach (cc: weak digestive system) nor did he care about the dead player's pregnant wife (cc: pregnancy). But killing the player in the steam room was just bad form, he could have been more thoughtful and killed the player (cc: in the absence of damp heat).
English Name: alum
Pharmacuetical Name: Alumen
Properties: toxic, sour, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
itch... toxic parasite... damp stops itching; relieves toxicity; kills parasites; dries damp
bleed... alleviated his diarrhea stops bleeding; relieves diarrhea
cigarette... phlegm clears heat and phlegm


      Ming Fan Actions and Indications
  • Relieves toxicity; Kills parasites; Dries damp; Stops itching (genital itching, external use for scabies, ringworms, rashes, eczema due to dampness or damp-heat; swollen painful eyes or throat; carbuncles)
  • Stops Bleeding; Relieves Diarrhea (internal use for chronic diarrhea, blood in stool, dysenteric disorder, uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge; topical for epistaxis, bleeding hemorrhoids, bleeding gums, bleeding due to external trauma)
  • Clears Heat and Phlegm (internal use for wind-phlegm with irritability, mania, delerium, epilepsy, convulsions, seizures; cough with sticky sputum)
  • (cc: pregnancy contraindications for internal use)
  • (cc: weak digestive systems)
  • (cc: in absence of damp-heat)
  • External Application: For powder or paste use dose appropriate for area; 10-30g dissolved in decoction for a wash or hot compress
  • Internal Application: 0.6-1.5g in pill or powder
    Other Forms:
  • ku fan (calcined alum) - primarily for external use, stronger astringent action
    Special Notes:
  • Ming Fan has been shown to have an antibiotic effect against a wide spectrum of bacteria.

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