Lu Rong - Tonify Yang
KD, LV (0.3 - 1g)


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      Lu Rong Actions and Indications
  • Tonifies the KD and fortifies the Yang (low sex drive, male infertility, fatigue, impotence, cold extremities; light headedness, tinnitus, hearing loss; sore and lack of strength of low back and knees, difficult to heal fractures, early selinity; frequent clear copious urination)
  • Nourishes essence and blood; strengthens bones and sinews (severe blood deficiency with yang deficiency; development disorders in children)
  • Regulates Chong and Ren; Stabilizes Dai ( infertility due to cold womb; deficient cold vaginal discharge of uterine bleeding)
  • Promotes pus discharge; generates flesh (internally or topically for chronic ulcerations; yin-type boils)
  • (cc: yin deficient heat; heat in blood level; phlegm-heat in Lung; blazing ST fire, warm-febrile disease)
  • (cc: overdose can cause yang to rise with inner wind, dizziness, red eyes)
    Special Notes:
  • According to the Materia Medica deer are considered among the most helpful animals to tonify yang and jing (essence).

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