Long Gu - Calm Shen
HT, KD, LV (15-30g)


Long Gu - Dragon Bone...
The Dragon was trying to breath fire on the young princess when Merlin intervened. First Merlin caused the vines from the ground to anchor the dragon to the ground and calm his spirit but before the dragon's LV yang was brought down it breathed fire at the helpless maiden. The vines were unable to prevent the leakage of fluids from the Dragon's mouth, and it burned her face fiercely. Merlin then took the princess to Avalon to help her heal sores and generate flesh.

Merlin should have have known that taking his princess into the jungle could cause (cc: damp-heat or externally contracted disorders)

English Name: dragon bone (fossil), fossilized animal bone
Pharmacuetical Name: Os Draconis
Properties: sweet, astringent, cool

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
anchor the dragon to the ground and calm his spirit anchors and calms spirit
LV yang was brought down calms LV; anchors yang
prevent the leakage of fluids prevents leakage of fluids
heal sores and generate flesh heals sores; generates flesh


       Long Gu Actions and Indications
  • Anchors and calms spirit (restlessness, insomnia, emotional distress, palpitations with anxiety, seizures or mani-withdrawal due to agitated heart shen, stronger than Mu Li to calm shen)
  • Calms LV; anchors floating yang (restlessness, irritability, dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision)
  • Prevents leakage of fluids (spontaneous sweating, night sweats, chronic diarrhea, dysenteric disorder, prolapse of anus, spermatorrhea, nocturnal emissions, urinary incontinence, vaginal discharge, uterine bleeding, fluid loss due to deficiency)
  • Generates Flesh; treats sores (sores, eczema, rash, chronic non-healing sores and ulcerations; used topically)
  • (cc: damp heat or externally contracted disorders)
  • (cooking: crush and cook 20-30 minutes first)
    Alternate Forms:
  • sheng- to anchor spirit and yang
  • duan- astringent functions and for sores
  • Long Chi (Dens Draconis) dragon's teeth - HT, LV; astringent, cool, calms spirit and most effective for palpitations with anxiety, insomnia, dread disturbed sleep, neurasthenia, 9-15g
    Special Notes:
  • Long Gu is fossilized animal bones, and Long Chi is fossilized animal teeth. They both pacify shen greatly, but Long Gu is astringent and stops spermatorrhea, vaginal discharge, uterine bleeding, and sweating.

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