Ku Lian Gen Pi (aka Ku Lian Pi) - Expel Parasites
LV, SP, ST (6-9g)


Ku Lian Gen Pi - Cool Lion Jumping
During Cool Lion Jumping, an Olympic competition for lions, the previous year's leader was unable to compete due to tinea from parasites.

Before admitting the truth, he claimed that "Cool Lion Jumping" was (cc: not for long term use) and that his pregnant wife (cc: pregnancy) was having trouble with an unspecified LV/ST disease (cc: SP/ST deficincy; LV or KD disease).
English Name: melia bark, Sichuan chinaberry bark, chinaberry tree bark
Pharmacuetical Name: Cortex Meliae
Properties: toxic, bitter, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
parasites kills parasites
tinea treats tinea infections and sores


      Ku Lian Gen Pi Actions and Indications
  • Kills Parasites (hookworms, roundworms, tape worms, pinworms, vaginal trichomonas infection, internal use or as enema)
  • Treats tinea Infections and Sores (use alone as powder as mix with vinegar or tea tree oil, apply topically for tinea, scabies, eczema)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: not for long term use or weak constitution)
  • (cc: SP and ST deficiency; LV or KD disease
  • (cooking: difficult to dissolve so decoct longer: 45-60 minutes)
    Special Notes:
  • Commonly used to kill parasites, along with Shi Jun Zi.
  • However Ku Lian Pi is more toxic: slight overdose manifests as dizziness, headache, desire to sleep, nausea, or abdominal pain. Severe side effects can cause internal bleeding, hepatits, and even visual impairment.
  • The fresh form of Ku Lian Pi is markedly stronger to kill parasites.

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