Ji Xue Teng - Invigorate Blood and Regulate Menses
HT, LV, SP (9-15g)


Ji Xue Teng (xue means blood, teng means vine= BLOOD VINE

Blood Vine moves blood, tonifies blood, and opens channels to treat bi due to blood stasis and/or deficiency.

As with all blood movers be careful in pregnancy (cc: pregnancy) and during excessive menses (cc: excessive menses)

English Name: spatholobus, sub-erect spatholobus bulb
Pharmacuetical Name: Caulis Spatholobi
Properties: bitter, slightly sweet, warm


       Ji Xue Teng Actions and Indications
  • Promotes movement of blood: tonifies blood (dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea due to blood stasis and/or deficiency, irregular menses, modern use to build blood (RBC and WBC), particularly in conjunction with cancer treatments)
  • Opens channels; relaxes sinews (paralysis of limbs; bi syndrome due to blood stagnation and/or deficiency; numbness of extremities)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: caution for excessive menses)
    Special Notes:
  • One study showed that Ji Xue Teng was effective to build RBC's and neutrophils within 3-5 days.

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