Ji Nei Jin - Relieve Food Stagnation
SP, ST, UB, SI (3-9g)

Ji Nei Jin is chicken gizzard...
Chicken Gizzards strongly reduce food stagnation and strengthen the ST when they are salted with their stones removed. If little johnny promises to stabilize essence and prevent enuresis he can try a bite or two!

English Name: gallus, chicken gizzard
Pharmacuetical Name: Endothelium Corneum Gigeriae Galli
Properties: sweet, neutral

Explanation of Key Words in this story...
strongly reduce good stagnation and strenghten the ST Strenghtens ST; Reduces food stagnation (various types of food stagnation)
salted... stones removed transforms hardness; dissolves stones
stabilize the essence... prevent enuresis stablize essence; stop enuresis


      Ji Nei Jin Actions and Indications
  • Strongly reduces food stagnation; strengthens ST (childhood nutritional impairment, various types of food stagnation, may use alone in mild cases)
  • Transforms hardness; dissolves stones (urinary or gallstones)
  • Stabilize essence; stops enuresis (spermatorrhea, frequent urination, nocturnal urination, bed-wetting; nocturnal emission)
    Special Notes:
  • Frequently combined with other food stagnation herbs like Shan Zha and Lai Fu Zi.

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