Hai Ge Ke (aka Hai Ge Fen) - Transform Phlegm Heat
LU, ST (6-15g)


Hai Ge Ke - The High Gecko

The high gecko lived in the hot swamps. In the summer he loved to eat salty peanuts and watch the nodules of all the pretty lady geckos that passed by. One day he got really high on acid and got a CRUSH on lady-gecko who was wearing CHEESECLOTH. He said she totally alleviated his pain, dude.

But when the swamps got cold they caused (cc: qi deficiency with cold).
English Name: clam shell
Pharmacuetical Name: Concha Meretricis seu Cyclinae
Properties: bitter, salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
swamps... summer transforms phlegm; clears heat
salty... nodules softens hardness; dissipates nodules
acid... alleviated his pain neutralizes acid; alleviates pain
CRUSH... CHEESECLOTH cook: crush and cook first


      Hai Ge Ke Actions and Indications
  • Clears heat; transforms phlegm (phlegm fire in the chest, cough due to lung-heat; difficult to expectorate thick phlegm, chest and rib pain)
  • Softens hardness; dissipates nodules (phlegm-fire goiter and scrofula)
  • Nuetralizes acid; alleviates pain (epgastric pain, and stomach and duodenal ulcers; use calcined form for acid regurgitation; external use on damp sores)
  • (cc: qi deficiency and cold)
  • (cooking: cook first or crush to powder and decoct in cheesecloth)

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