Hai Fu Shi (aka Fu Hai Shi) - Transform Phlegm Heat
LU (6-15g)


Hai Fu Shi -
High and full of sh*t!
Oh Raymond, you're so high and full of sh*t! You betta stop smoking tobacco or I'll put you in the hot swamp where you'll smell like urination! There'll be no more salty peanuts, nor sexy nodules for you!

If Raymond isn't careful he'll get thrown outside where he could develop (cc: cough w/ deficient cold)

English Name: pumice
Pharmacuetical Name: Pumice
Properties: salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
smoking tobacco... hot swamps clears LU heat; transforms phlegm (heat)
salty... nodules softens hardness; dissipates nodules
urination promotes urination


      Hai Fu Shi Actions and Indications
  • Clears LU heat; Dissolves phlegm (phlegm stagnation, heat in LU; thick sputum difficult to cough out; bloody sputum)
  • Softens Hardness; Dissipates phlegm nodules (scrofula; phlegm-fire nodules)
  • Promotes Urination (stones, bloody or stony PUD)
  • (cc: cough due to deficient cold)
  • (cooking: CRUSH and cook first)

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