Bai Ji Li - Subdue LV Yang and Extinguish Wind
LV (6-15g)

Bai Ji Li (White jet Li?)
When the producer mentioned replacing Jet Li with a white actor, Jet Li got instant LYR and took some medicine to facilitate the smooth flow of LV qi. This calmed LV and pacified Yang so that Jet Li could begin to think of devious ways to sabatoge the new white guy. When Jet Li found poison ivy growing nearby his eyes brightened up as he decided to give Whitey a wind-heat rash by rubbing poison ivy on his bed sheets. But to Jet Li's amazement Whitey was able to dispel the wind and stop the itching before the photo shoot. Poor Jet Li!

Luckily Whitey's wife turned up (cc: pregnancy) and Jet Li got his job back.

English Name: tribulus, puncture vine caltrop fruit
Pharmaceutical Name: Fructus Tribuli
Properties: bitter, acrid, neutral

facilitate the smooth flow of LV qi facilitates the smooth flow of LV qi
calmed LV and pacified yang calms LV; pacifies yang
eyes brightened... wind-heat brightens eyes; dispels wind-heat
dispels wind... stops itching skin rashes with itching, vitiligo, eczema


      Bai Ji Li Actions and Indications
  • Pacifies LV and anchors Yang (headache, hypertension due to LYR, vertigo, dizziness due to LYR, migraines)
  • Facilitates smooth flow of LV qi (pain and distension of chest and flanks or insufficient lactation due to LV qi stag)
  • Dispels wind heat; brightens eyes (red, swollen, painful eyes; increased tearing, wind-heat in LV channel)
  • Dispels wind; stops itching (skin rashes with itching, vitiligo, eczema)
  • (cc: pregnancy caution)
    Special Notes:
  • In a clinical study 123 patients suffering from warts were treated with 100% success using bai ji li. Grind fresh herbs into a paste, rub on affected area until a burning sensation is felt. Do this once per day, or every other day, for a total of 1 to 4 doses.

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