Ba Dou - Downward Draining: Harsh Expellants
ST, LI, LU (0.1 - 0.3g)


Ba Dou - The city of Barad Dour was attacked by cold elementals and water elementals

When the city of Ba Dou was attacked by cold elementals and water elementals the defenders vigorously purged cold accumulations to drive out water and reduce edema. Finally the protectors learned that singing loudly to burst phlegm in their throat would defeat the invaders and cause them to need to promote healing of abcesses.

Water elementals look weak (cc: weak patients) when pregnant (cc: pregnancy) - but don't be fooled!

English Name: croton fruit, croton seed
Pharmaceutical Name: Croton tigliu
Properties: very toxic, acrid, hot

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
singing... throat bursts phlegm obstruction in throat
pregnant...weak cc: pregnancy; cc: weak patients
heal their abcesses promotes healing of abcesses


      Ba Dou Actions and Indications
  • Vigorously purges cold accumulations (food stagnation or constipation due to cold abdominal fullness, distension, pain)
  • Drives out water; reduces edema (ascites)
  • Bursts phlegm obstruction in throat (shortness of breath, wheezing, severe chest fullness and distension; phlegm veiling orifices)
  • Promotes healing of abcesses (topical to accelerate ulceration healing process)
  • (cc: pregnancy; weak patients)
  • (note: antagonist with qian niu zi)
  • (note: very dangerous and toxic herb, do not overdose)
    Alternate Forms:
  • ba dou shuang- is de-fatted and less harsh, and the more commonly used form
    Special Notes:
  • 20 drops of Ba Dou oil is lethal in humans: toxic. Ba Dou must be processed to get rid of the oil to reduce its toxicity.
  • Ba Dou is the only hot herb in its category.

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