Wu Shao She - Dispel Wind Damp (treat arthritis) and Relieve Cold
LV, SP (5-10g)


Wu Shao She - We shall see who wins the boxing match!

Muhammed Ali suffers from wind and tremors and sings in b flat when a cold rainy wind storm blocks his channels.

Muhammed suffers from (cc: blood deficiency w/ wind) on sleepless nights (cc: yin deficiency with heat)

English Name: zaocys, black snale
Pharmacuetical Name: Zaocys
Properties: sweet, salty, neutral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
wind and tremors extinguishes wind; stops tremors (spasms; seizures)
cold rainy wind storm blocks his channels dispels wind; unblocks channels


       Wu Shao She Actions and Indications
  • Extinguish wind; Stops tremors (tetanus, seizures, spasms, childhood convulsions)
  • Unblocks the channels; dispels wind (dispels wind, opens channels and collaterals, chronic wind-cold-damp bi syndrome)
  • (cc: blood def w/ wind)
  • (cc: yin def w/ heat)
    Special Notes:
  • Pharmacologically Wu Shao She has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, and antiseizure effects.
  • Wu SHao She is very similar to Bai Hua She but milder and it is not toxic.

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