Jin Ying Zi - Stabilize and Bind
UB, KD, LI (4.5-10g)


Jin Ying Zi - Jin "Yings Easy"
Jin Ying Easy because she just had gut surgery, so she is unable to retain the urine and bind the essence.

Before surgery the doctors were careful to ensure that the windows were closed and that it wasn't too hot (cc: exterior pathogens especially heat). They would have given her some more pain killers but (cc: overdose or long term use can cause abdominal pain or constipation)

English: rosa laevigata, golden tassel seed, cherokee rose fruit
Pharmacuetical Name: Fructus Rosae Laevigatae
Properties: sour, astringent, neutral

   Explanation of Key Words in this story...
gut surgery binds up large intestine; stops diarrhea
retain the urine and bind the essence retains urine; binds essence


      Jin Ying Zi Actions and Indications
  • Binds essence and retains urine (urinary incontinence, spermatorrhea, vaginal discharge due to deficiency of KD; prolapsed uterus, excessive uterine bleeding)
  • Binds up large intestine; stops diarrhea (chronic diarrhea and dysenteric disorders; prolapsed anus)
  • (cc: excess pathogenic factors especially heat)
  • (cc: overdose or long-term use may have side effects of abdominal pain or constipation
    Special Notes:
  • Compared to He Zi, Jin Ying Zi more strongly consolidates essence while He Zi more strongly binds the intestine.
  • Compared to Fu Pen Zi, Jin Ying Zi is better for diarrhea and dysentery while Fu Pen Zi treats urinary incontinence.

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