Du Zhong - Tonify Yang
(KD, LV 6-15g)


Du Zhong ("That dude's ON!")
Dude's ON!!! -> Weightlifting super kid said " Just call me Dude's ON! I've always been bad to the bone - Momma said she took a magic herb call Du Zhong to tonify her LV and KD while I was in her belly. She said that even as a fetus I was a badass who caused her a great deal of hypertension! "

Momma had many sleepless nights which caused (cc: yin deficient heat)
English Name: eucommia bark
Pharmacuetical Name: Cortex Eucommiae
Properties: sweet, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
bad to the bone... tonify her LV and KD strengthens sinews and bones... tonifies LV and KD
hypertension treats hypertension
fetus calms the unborn fetus


      Du Zhong Actions and Indications
  • Tonifies the LV and KD; strengthens bones and sinews (weak / sore / painful low back, knees; fatigue; seminal emission, frequent urination; impotence, uterine bleeding)
  • Treats Hypertension (modern use for hypertension)
  • Calms the fetus (deficient cold of Kidney with bleeding during pregnancy; prevent miscarriage; low back pain with deficiency signs in pregnant women)
  • (cc: yin deficient heat)
    Alternate Forms:
  • Chao Tan: stop bleeding
    Special Notes:
  • Combine Du Zhong with Huang Qin and Xia Ku Cao to treat hypertension.
  • Dry fried Du Zhong is regarded as more potent than unprocessed. Salt fried is the preferred form to treat low back pain, spontenous seminal emission, and unstable pregnancy.

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