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Learn Alternative Medicine Holistic Health - Memorize Chinese Herbs the FAST and EASY way using our 300+ FREE online herb stories, and 100+ FREE formula stories. The Chinese have known for thousands of years the value of using stories to memorize things quickly and easily. MemorizeHerbs.com takes it to a whole new level.

Hands down the easiest way to memorize Chinese herbs!

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- 14 day money back guarantee!
- Ability to Modify and Save the Herb Stories that you don't like - personalized to YOU !!!
- Modify and Save Actions, Indications, Contra-indications, and more!
- Unlocks Access to ALL hidden herb stories and formulas stories
- Intead of banner ads, you will see PHOTOS of the herbs! (great for Herb Lab identifcation and review!)
- Unlocks Access more than FIFTY hidden formula stories - so you can start learning them the easy way from the beginning!
- Access the Shang Han Lun study pages! (Shang Han Lun: simplified)
- Access to the updated NCCAOM board exam formula study pages!
- Access to learn the CC: pregnancy herbs QUICKLY and EASILY
- Access to all hyperlinks on the SYNDROMES pages
- MemorizeHerbs.com is the most affordable and comprehensive Chinese herb memorization tool ever! Our site includes over 500 custom designed and user modifiable web pages. Compare our $99 membership to Zoo cards, Herb Songs - and then add to that instant access from your computer - anywhere in the world! At the end of the day, its all about passing your board exams. Are you really going to spend countless hours trying to remember Chinese jargon that just won't fit in your head? Or are you going to do it the SMART, fast, and easy way??

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As you are reading these stories, you will often substitute fun code words for certain commonly occurring terms such as these.

Coffee Promotes urination; Reduces Edema
De-Caf. Coffee Promotes urination; Clears damp heat from Urine Bladder
Cranberry Juice Promotes urination; Relieves PUD
Sings in B Flat Bi Syndrome
Inhaler Descends / Stabilizes LU qi; Stops Cough and Wheeze
Abducted by Aliens Opens Orifices
Robitussin stops coughing and calms wheeze
Peaches Moistens intestines unblocks bowels
Rain Damp
Swamp Phlegm
Ice / Freezing Cold
Traffic Jam blood stasis
Jungle damp heat

Goals and Benefits

Our Mission:

To provide fun and memorable stories that, when used in conjunction with a word key, will give the reader the ability to easily memorize the actions and contra-indications of more than 300 Chinese Herbs. Our goal is to keep you healthy, reduce your herbal study time by more than 50%, and help you to maximize the use of long term memory capabilities (for your board and exit exams!). Since one of our goals is to keep learning fun, we try to minimize information while still ensuring you can pass your exams with flying colors! Only the most common properties of each herb are incorporated into each story.

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Mnemonic Benefits:

For many students, the short term memory centers in the brain are already saturated with charts, tables, and foreign letters and characters. Does it ever seem like there is just too much to memorize? Don't worry: you can do it! Our stories correlate one interesting fact with several others, allowing you to utilize different parts of your brain while studying. You'll find herb stories to be the fastest, easiest, and funnest way to learn Alternative Medicine Holistic Health.

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